Special Offer – Beverage Equipment

When you hire 5+ pump action airpots you are guaranteed 5% discount on the  equipment.  This offer is accessible while you complete the booking form. For more information on this offer and many others underway, please visit our website page


Special Offer Exclusively for Students

This is an exclusive discount to students on hiring catering equipment from Party Equip.

  • You are guaranteed an automatic 5% discount on all equipment
  • You will get 10% discount if your order includes at least 5 chafing dishes/gastronom
  • You are guaranteed a further 3% discount if yo are a returning customer

Please note that you must provide proof of student status to qualify for this offer.

Celebrating Easter 2017

A new Special Offer Underway to celebrate Easter Holidays.  The discounts apply to all equipment booked for as long as the invoice includes chafing dishes. You can make a booking for any event happening in April or at any other time in 2017. Exclusively, you need to place a booking within the month of April to qualify for this special discount.

When you hire chafing dishes/gastronom you are guaranteed the following;

Special offer starts: 1st April 2017

Special offer ends: 30th April 2017

  • No minimum order required for the chafing dishes
  • Choose between single or twin inserts or a combination of both
  • FREE Serving utensils of your choice
  • 10% Discount on all equipment hired
  • Extra 3% discount on all equipment hired for returning customers
  • Return all equipment hired within 2 days after your event

For more information about this offer and the costs, please visit our website http://www.partyequip.co.uk

Seasonal Special Offers

We are offering major discounts on seasonal packages commensurate to winter and summer periods each year. Currently our Hot Winter special deal is underway offering 10% discount on the equipment till the end of March 2017. Simply select the Promo codes before submitting the equipment booking form. To find out more details on these packages please visit our “Special Offers” page on our website.

Exclusively for Returning Customers

Returning Customers Offer

We run a special discount exclusively to all our returning customers as we appreciate their continued support.  In this respect, we are giving you a 3% discount on all the equipment hired (thus excluding services hired, perishables and the refundable deposit payable. You can claim this offer as you make your equipment booking request.

Special Discount Ending in Hours

Until midnight 31st July 2016, hire chafing dishes at £6.50 and another 10% discount if you hire at least 5 sets. Free chafing fuel is guaranteed. For more upcoming special discounts, please check out our website at http://www.partyequip.co.uk.

Special Discount on Chafing Equipment

OFFER ENDING SOON. Less than 3 days remaining till the 31st July 2016 for you to hire chafing sets/gastronorm / food warmers @ £6.50/set complete with chafing fuel. Make your reservations now with no obligation. Get 10% discount on the equipment when you hire 5+ sets. Get an extra 3% discount on all equipment when you hire via our mobile app. Visit our website now for more information.