Exclusively for Returning Customers

Returning Customers Offer

We run a special discount exclusively to all our returning customers as we appreciate their continued support.  In this respect, we are giving you a 3% discount on all the equipment hired (thus excluding services hired, perishables and the refundable deposit payable. You can claim this offer as you make your equipment booking request.


Special Discount Ending in Hours

Until midnight 31st July 2016, hire chafing dishes at £6.50 and another 10% discount if you hire at least 5 sets. Free chafing fuel is guaranteed. For more upcoming special discounts, please check out our website at http://www.partyequip.co.uk.

Special Discount Underway

chafing dishes150COMOHire chafing dishes/food warmers/gastronom for £6.50/set complete with free chafing fuel. Get 10% discount on the chafing equipment when you hire 5+ sets. Get a further 3% discount of your overall invoice when you make a booking via our mobile app. This special offer is automatically applied to all equipment booking requests received till 31st July 2016.

Special Discount for Bulky Hires

special deal271When you hire our gastronom equipment/chafing dishes in bulk, you are guaranteed 10% discount or selected crockery to hire free of charge.  This offer runs throughout the year 2016.  This is the least we can do to compliment bulky hires.  If you are a mobile app holder and you make a booking via the app, remember you are guaranteed 3% on every invoice you shall make.  This is a life time special offer exclusively for our Mobile App Holders.  Find more information from our website or contact us.

Make bookings on the Go

COMO3We hope that everyone had fantastic time this festive holiday. We would like to remind you that we have a Mobile App that you can download for free from our Homepage. Every time you make a booking from this app you are guaranteed a 3% discount.  To download this app now please click here.

Coffee Mornings Fundraiser

At Party Equip, we have all that you need to set up your coffee morning fundraiser.

Equipment CoffeeMorningAvailable for hot beverages include;

  • Manual filler water boilers
  • Pump action airpots
  • teacup and saucer sets
  • coffee mugs
  • milk jugs
  • teaspoons


For cold beverages we can supply you with hi-ball glass tumblers.


Visit our website and check out all food and beverage serving equipment available.