About Us

Party Equip is online catering equipment hire service based in Coventry UK.  We supply buffet service equipment and tableware, i.e. food and beverage serving equipment such as chafing dishes/gastronom (aka food warmers), crockery, glassware, cutlery, soup kettles, pump action airpots, steak knives, and many more as updated on our website.  All our services are strictly by appointment  and online based.  All booking requests are done from our website or via our mobile app.  You can download our app for free from our Homepage and make bookings on the go.

Last but not least, we operate a unique service that guarantees loyal supporters huge discounts where bulky hires can hire some items free of charge or get a 10% discount. Alternatively, you can hire selected crockery free of charge.  For more information click our Special Offers page on our website.

If you make a booking via our mobile app, you are guaranteed a 3% discount on every invoice made. You are also eligible for any other special discounts that are underway as advertised on our website or social media platform.

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