Flexibility and Convenience

Please note that when you hire our equipment, you can keep it in your possession for a maximum of 48 hours after your event date.  We can confirm that during this time you are not charged a penny. We simply want to be more considerate and to make our service flexible and convenient for everyone.  We believe it gives plenty time for those who want to clean the equipment first before returning it to us.  Enjoy your celebrations with peace of mind.


Contact Us

Telephone: 02475014383
Mobile: 07507260110
WhatsApp only: 07949711930
Email: info@partyequip.co.uk
Website: www.partyequip.co.uk

Alternatively, use our Contact Us Ticket for a swift response. Also available from our website.  Please detail all the relevant information about your query.

We are open 7 days a week as follows: (Mon-Sat: 0930-1900) Sunday 1400-1900)

Chafing dishes complete with Free chafing fuel

When you hire our chafing dishes we supply you with 2 hours of chafing fuel per each chafing set. Therefore you are guaranteed at least 2 hours of piping hot buffet for your event.  When filling up the water tank, please use warm water to heat up your food quickly and your food will maintain the required temperature.  When you use cold water you are most likely to need more chafing fuel which can be costly.

How to make a Booking/reservation

Please note that when you want to hire equipment and/or services from Party Equip, you must complete Steps (1) and (2) of our booking system. These simultaneous steps are easy to complete and your order will be processed. For example, without Step (2) we will not know when you want to collect the equipment, or get it delivered to your destination. Also you will not know the implications when our equipment is lost or damaged while in your care, etc. However, you do not need to complete Step (2) only if you are purchasing consumables.